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Buy from local beekeepers who love beekeeping. We strive to provide healthy bees for the success of the colonly.
(Apis Mellifera)
You can never learn enough about beekeeping. So let us teach you what we know to help you better understand the life of the honey bee and beekeeper.
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The basic beekeeping tools and supplies that you will need as you get started with your new adventure. 

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If you are interested in beekeeping, then this is the place to be. There is something very rewarding as you work along side with honey bees and can be enjoyed by all ages. We want to share with you our knowledge and experiences that we have had to help you get started.

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Richard Homer, Master Beekeeper, has been keeping bees for many years. He has learned a lot along the way and wants to share what he has learned with anyone who has an interest to learn. Homer's Honeybee is here to be a resource to you to learn to become a successful beekeeper.

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