What is a nuc supposed to look like? Our strong 5 frame nucleus hive comes with an OverWintered or 2021 laying queen with option to mark her with current years color for an additional $5. It has 3 frames of developing brood (eggs, larvae, capped), 1-2 frames of honey and pollen with room for queen to lay eggs in, and not to mention lots of bees! Great way to hit the ground running starting a hive.

These Nucs are made locally from my Northern Utah hives. They have NOT been traveling from out of state to be sold. All bees are Italian and Carniolan mix. Very gentle bees and great honey producers. All nucs are treated for mites and are checked to be disease free before handed out.

Please read info on choosing a OW or 2021 queen (bottom right of page on desktop)

Important Information Depending on weather, Nucs will be ready the 3rd or 4th weekend of April. We will send a text out early-mid April with a time to pick up your bees.

Canceling Bee Orders: All cancellations of any orders needs to be done 2 weeks prior to pick up date. A 15% processing fee will be applied to ALL cancelled orders.

Nucleus (NUC) Hive with Laying Queen

    • Pick-up priority will be determined by when the order and payment is received.
    • Nucs will be ready the 3rd and 4th weekend of April, weather permitting.
    • You will be notified on a date and time when they are ready for pick up either in Layton or West Jordan.
    • The Nuc is non-refundable and will be your responsibility once received at pick up.
  • When pre-ordering you are given the option to choose from a successful OverWintered queen (OW) from 2020 or a new queen from 2021. Whats the difference?

    When recieving a nuc with a brand new queen, they are proven first before pick up. We have had great success with queens in the past. Of course, there are few that may not be as successful as the year progresses and unfortunately there is no way to know that in advance, this is agriculture, nothing is guaranteed. For that reason we offer the choice for a queen from the previous year because they have been proven successful to make it through the winter and you know she has been a good queen because the hive we split her from was strong as the new year is starting. We only split from our strongest and healthiest hives with awsome queens. This option would be better for advanced beekeepers. The main reason for that is a experienced beekeeper should know to have a OW queen is so you can use her to raise a new queen in July to replace her and to keep those healthy traits and genetics continuing on. Then you will be going into winter with a brand new queen.

    You can't make a wrong choice here. But knowing there are options can help. You need to remember too that we can not control the life of the bee. And in either cases being new or less than a year old, you can still lose queens due to mishandling from the beekeeper or illness. But here at Homer's Honeybee, our success is your success and we strive to give you the best experience possible with quality bees.