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If you want to support local beekeepers and get package bees for a great price then you found the right place. These packages will been made locally in Layton, UT and won't been shipped from out of state on a truck for long distance traveling. You can't go wrong choosing between a package or NUC. But with a package it can be fun to see the process and witness the hive grow from nothing, into a full strong hive. Or maybe you just need to add bees to a vacant hive from the previous year. Either way with a package you also can save a little bit of money. Bonus!


With us you will get a 3 lb. Bee Package with the current year California mated queen with the option to mark her with the current year color for additional $5. All Packages are treated for mites and are disease free. All bees are Italian and Carniolan mix. They are very gentle bees and are great honey producers.
Bee Package INCLUDES $5 refundable deposit for bee cage when cage is returned in re-usable condition. Bonus!

Important Information
Bee Package orders are usually ready for pick up the first to second week in April depending on the weather. We will send an email the end of March with an update on when you should be able to pick up your bees. When we have a good idea on when they will be ready, then you will receive a form via email or text to sign up for a day and time to pick up your bees.

We know it is exciting to receive your bees and start the new bee year. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for everyone, and to give you the best experience we can. Thanks for choosing Homer's Honeybee. Happy Beekeeping!


Canceling Bee Orders: All cancellations of any orders needs to be done 2 weeks prior to pick up date. A 15% processing fee will be applied to ALL cancelled orders.

3 lb. Bee Package with Mated Queen

Pick Up Location
Want Queen Marked?
    • Orders will become available in the order they are received. Limited availability, Pickup ONLY.
    • Packages will be ready the the 1st and 2nd week in april.
    • You will be notified on when you should expect your bees and a date and time for pick up, either in Layton or West Jordan.
    • The package of bees is non-refundable and your responsibility once received at pick up.

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