This double metal screen sieve is an essential part of extracting honey. This helps with separating large wax cappings, pollen, and even bee parts as it flows out of the honey extractor into bucket.


It is a combination of two sieves, one coarse and one fine, attached to each other with one on top and one on the bottom.  The top sieve is made of a 14 mesh (1.4 mm) wire mesh and the bottom sieve is made of an even finer 25 mesh (.7 mm) wire mesh.  The bottom sieve has a wide band of stainless steel around the top which the top sieve snaps into.  The wide band around the bottom sieve also has adjustable, stainless steel holders that allow for the sieve to sit on top of a bucket that is up to 14” in diameter (but not less than 10” in diameter). 


Best if cleaned with cold water and soap. 


4" tall by 9.5"diameter

Double Metal Sieve