Now that you have made it past your first year as a beekeeper or for those who have been keeping bees much longer. How did things go? Did your bees survive? What can you learn from last year? What is your plan this next year? Here, we are all about learning from last year and doing better this year.


In this advanced class we will be discussing what to expect this spring and learn how to manage your hive coming out of the winter and what things to look for. A few of the topics we will be discussing are.. Supplemental feeding in early spring, what we want the hive to look like by May, mite control and diseases and ways to treat. This is the time of year we need the hive to be healthy and grow quickly, since they are preparing themselves already for winter. Lets give them the best chance they have. Come join us and make a plan.


We will be holding this 1.5-2 hour class Saturday of March 14 at 12 p.m. This class will fill up fast and there is limited seating, so don't hesitate. This will be our last advanced class before the bees arrive.


We will be holding additional classes in May to help guide you along through the honey flow and summer months. Also, we will have some future dates where we will visit a bee yard and get our hands sticky while learning and answering any questions you may have. We will have these posted at a later date. Please subscribe to the website to receive those future dates. 

Advanced Hive Management Class

  • 9115 S 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070

    *This is a commercial building and business of family who has generously offered some space for our class. Please have respect for the employees and building. Door will be opened on the Northwest corner of building. We will have signs to direct you to the door and room for the class. Thank you!

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