This starter hive is a 2 box deep hive which includes:

  • Telescoping Top (heavy duty) with aluminum cap assembled and painted
  • Raised inner cover with top vent slot cut assembled and painted
  • In-Line feeder with cap and ladders
  • 2 deep hive boxes with 20 frames with black plastic foundation assembled
  • Entrance Reducer with 2 different size openings
  • Screened Bottom board with front access mite board
  • Hive Stand – made of 2x6 pressure treated wood

Everything you need to get a good start in developing your hive. But will probably need to purchase an additional honey super after a couple of months.


Good Start Hive (2 Deep)

  • If you are not completely satisfiied with your purchase please contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

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